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5 Ways to Better Showcase Your Indoor Plants

Having some plants in your room help increase healthy ambience. What a cliche if I layout the merits of plants once again—“plain-as-day.” But “repetition makes perfect”, I have to do that once again!

It can improve air quality, and eliminate the intoxicant around your internal environment; In a rather dry area, a plant can increase humidity levels to a comfortable degree. Plants have phytoncides and other airborne chemicals, which help to reduce the amount of stress you feel throughout the day, especially a day laden with office burden. In this case, when you feel less stressed, your immune system gets a natural boost. Most of the time you won't physically feel the positive effects, except when you realize that you haven't had a cold that your friends have had!
Do you ever feel that “I don’t wanna do that anymore?” It’s ok, though, who would like to go to work? But we have no choice but to do so. Now that you can not adjust the position you are stuck in, how about just redecorate your residence where you spend most of time on it and where it depends on your after-work relaxing degree? According to psychologists, those that have more pictures, decorations and plants have proven to be more productive workspaces. Spaces without any form of personalization can be demotivating. Plants can to some extent allay that feeling and improve your productivity. When you see a plant, you will gain new inspiration and creativity. The work you struggling with seems a piece of cake for you to cope with with the ideas crowding in your mind.
It’s also said that when it comes to medical use, plants naturally help to heal and not by crushing them and using their juices! But to consult a doctor first when you get injured is recommended.
Researchers in the United Kingdom found that people who live around nature feel much happier than those that don't. This isn't just about those who live in the countryside either. Just looking at the greenery in the home will help. So if you are a frenzy of indoors plants but have no ideas how to decorate it, here are five fashionable, chic and cozy ways for you to hit the home!
A Macrame Plant hanger
Remember seeing these knotted plant holders hanging around living rooms and dorms in the '70s? Well, these retro Macrame Hangers are making a comeback. Made from heavy woven cord, macrame knots are not only decorative, they're actually quite strong. And perfectly sized for your trailing house plants.
It is becoming the vogue now because this current change can be traced to the many merits of macrame which includes its being close to nature, beauty, and the positive effects on our health.
In essence, it does not require the use of chemicals. More people have come to realize the importance of producing and buying environment-friendly crafts.
Or if you are bold enough, an upside-down planter can be applied.
Reuse Your Teacup!
The earliest record of people drinking tea is dated in the 10th century BC in China, though, since there are so many fantastic myths and legends about how this wonderfully aromatic elixir came about, its true origin is tough to pinpoint. Regardless of whether you prefer tea, coffee, or both, there’s no denying how beautifully decorated some teacups can be. Plus, if you have any chipped teacups that you simply can’t bear to part with, how about using them as a flowerpot?
A decorative sconce serves as a fantastic starting point, much like the chandelier of the previous project. Instead of light bulbs, though, this time your cups can hold herbs, flowers or other plants that can be beautifully displayed either inside or outside on the porch.
On a Wooden Shelve
Just a bit different from the well-known flowerpot: the plant stand. They are usually made of light material and can also easy to cast into different shapes. Plants in an open area are easier to grow. A plant stand is higher than an ordinary flower pot. Placing plants in a wooden shelve in a modern living room leaves space on the floor and between the stands. This way you can place twice as many plants in one place!
It is also true that a plant stand often has room for more than one plant. For example, you only need one plant stand instead of several flower pots. Not only space-saving but also money-saving!
Sometimes, it can be served as a separation between the rooms visually. It works as same as a sleeper sectional, which to some extend can fill the void if you have a rather large living room. A wide range of the shapes of plant stands can be found in the market.
As Simple as a Vase
A new study from the University of North Florida has found that having flowers in one's home does a lot more than simply enhance your living room's aesthetic appeal. If you are a flower-lover but don’t have an idea of how to pick up a decoration, go with the tradition—a vase—is your good choice.
I love to pick up a nice bunch of flowers when I see some of my favourites at the market, but when I get them home I never know how to arrange them in a way that looks match to my modern livingroom furniture. So every time I brought home the flowers, I just put them in a vase, letting their scent penetrating my room.
Cage Them in a Hurricane Lantern!
It’s said that hurricane lantern candle holders earned their name because their tall chimneys protect a flame from wind. Not sure if they could stand up to a real hurricane–but with their pleasing shapes, we like to have them on the table to better decorate our plants. It can be a bit tricky since they don’t have drainage or much air circulation.
It can improve your home overall aesthetic and add some aromatic ambience. You can put it on your living room, where the sofa sectional is being placed to provide a sense of coziness and comfort.
Here are five ways to showcase your color “green” in your room. Definitely, there is a slew of other ways to ice on the cake; Or even you can use a plastic bottle or a cock can to make out of it. It totally depends on how many ideas in your brain. If you are reticent to convey your true feeling, Ainehome can provide you with some advice whatever home decor, personal style or modern living furniture.

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