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Ainehome is selling all types of sofa and couches for many years. Now we’re going to introduce a new product “Shiatsu massager” including Footmassager, Neck & back massager for the ease of our people. These are related to jugglers, athletes, working ladies, labor boys, office workers, and every type of person who experienced hard jobs. Sofa and Couch: Sofas have two armrests and have smooth back and couches are designed either with one armrest or not, having wane or subside back. There is a sensational difference between sofa and couch, although both belong to the same family for similar use sofas are specially designed for more seating space and hence they occupy greater floor space as well. They provide greater ease as compared to couches. While the couches occupy less seating space as compared to the sofa and are designed for three to four persons. It may consider as a pull-out bed for comfort. The great difference is that sofas are used for formal use and gives a classic look. On the other hand, couches are designed for informal use such as watching movies. Enjoyments etc.


Due to a lot of work we are sitting in a certain position which causes tension in our muscles. We are going to introduce the massager which tends to reduce the muscle tension and relaxes our muscles of the foot, neck& back. Neck & Back massager is designed for waiving out neck & muscle pain caused by a lot of factors such as stress, sleeplessness, incorrect posture, haggard muscles. The back massager helps in the relaxation of back muscles. Foot are the relax of all the organs of the body which can be tired during the walk, uncomfortable shoes, other circumstances, foot massager helps in the relaxation of thigh muscles. Properties of massagers: Some basic benefits for massagers are: They reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. Improve blood circulation. Increase the flexibility of muscles. Reduces stress hormones. Normalizing heartbeat. Improve consciousness. Increases the number of red blood cells. Stimulation of lymphatic cells.Neck & Back massager: A lot of regular activities, physical, mental and emotional challenges, the load of heavy work can cause stress. In heavy jobs, our shoulders tighten up and can cause muscle fatigue. By applying gentle pressure on neck muscles reduces the pain of the muscles. A neck massager helps in the ease of the shoulder, back, and muscles of the neck. It also reduces stress and will improve your mental health. Your back bears most of the stress and tension due to heavyweight and a type of other

circumstances. As a result, it can be worn out, numb, cause of muscles crippling or a severe type of back pain. To get rid of it you can use the back massager which reliefs stress, provides

How massager and sofa couch work side by side: There are remarkable benefits if you know how to use a sofa/couch and massager abreast. Here’s a glance of the sofa/couch and massager together. If you are tired too much you need a soft and delicate place for rest. Ainehome brand is offeringyou sofa and couches having smooth, padded with foam, feathers, and fabric. It will relax your back. Further, We are offering you a Shiatsu massager. This massager will reduce stress, anxietyand muscle tension. You can comfortably increase the flexibility of muscles by using themassager on an alleviate surface. This will ensure your comfort.Its commonly known that Sofa/Couches are the most important thing mainly for business points(wherever you work). The comfort or mind refreshment is most important so sofas are highlyrequired and there is no match of this kind of sense. Looks improve your standard that’s whyeveryone wants a supreme glance of his office to attract or engage people to his work. That’s it’s most important for you to choose flawless and superb. Now we are going to talk about the most important point, of business where you are mostreliable in using both these things at a single point. It is not a business of a specific gender orparticular age group. Yes, we are talking about Saloons where persons of every age group wantto go. It is an amazing opportunity for salon runners that they can get the equipment of theircustomer facility at a single point by connecting with Ainehome. There are not limited placeswhere you can use it but also can use in hospitals, X-ray rooms, offices, pharmacy and healthphysical departments and many more. Furthermore, If you bestow a cozy place to your comers

Foot massager:Just like the neck, back, shoulder and head massager you also needed for the foot massager. The foot is an important part of the body which tends to be specified for all the organs of thebody. If your foot is not in a well-working position your whole body will be disturbed. Hence, the foot also needed for the regular rubdown. Foot massager comforts your body, stimulates muscle activity, tightens your thigh muscle andalso improves circulation.

Health issues:
Sometimes people agonize with anxiety and they have a problem of muscle contraction but theycan not find out the main reason for their keenness. Therefore they needed the help of physicaldoctors. When they examine to doctor most of their problems can be resolve by massage because most of the afflictions concern the muscles. Hence it is very important to maintain the bloodcirculation which can only insure massage and a restful position. Pros: You will find out better results by using along with. Massager reduces pain, stress and anxiety. The use of a comfortable place like a sofa gives great relief to the lower back. The pillows on couches can be used to adjust your body position for optimal massage. If you get massaged in a comfortable place it will improve blood circulation. Fellow feeling also balanced blood pressure. Solace of massage reduces edema effects in pregnancy. Relieves tightness of muscles. Alleviates stiffness. Helps in the prevention of acute pain. Tranquil refreshes your mood. Side by side use will improve your mental health.Besides, these are helpful for chronic disease. The comfort zone improves blood activity as well. It also improves skin tone. Cons of massager: Although massagers are helpful for the body they relax your body for hours, due to this, you cando hard jobs easily for several hours which can be physically fatal for your body. Neck massagers are useful but sometimes due to the sensitive body texture, certain pressure on various parts can cause serious injury. Precautions: Must read the precautionary measures before use. You should know the proper use of massager.

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