Ainehome Foot Massager 360° Fully-Wrapped Female Foot Massager Light intensity For Lady and Old Men

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Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Air Compression, Deep Rolling Kneading Therapy, Improve Blood Circulation, Relieve Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Home, Office Use & Gift Idea

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A deep penetrating and heat- radiating effect which provides relaxation and relieves stress is particularly benefiacal for muscle tension.


The rising and receding movements of the airbags produce a pumping motion which enhances our natural muscle reflexes and improves blood flow. This is particularly beneficial in the calf and foot area.


The foot massage stimulates the nerve endings and certain organs of the body ,which also relaxes the muscles.

1 review for Ainehome Foot Massager 360° Fully-Wrapped Female Foot Massager Light intensity For Lady and Old Men

  1. Stacey Wright

    This foot massager has becomes a part of my daily routine! It’s a relaxing way to end the day. I’ve used this every day for about two weeks now. Here are some things to note:

    -I ran a half marathon last week and this was the most incredible recovery tool!!! My feet, which had been swollen and sore, felt revitalized after a day or two (quick for a post-race run!)
    -The knead and air intensity is, well, intense! I’m the type of person who like to be pretty much in pain during a massage, so the fact that I rarely put it on the highest settings for both kneading and air says something good, for sure.
    -Set up and use are super easy. Plug into a wall and hit power—it’s good to go!
    -I can move it to different rooms in my house easily. It’s bulky but light, if that makes sense.
    -You can adjust your feet easily to target the areas you need! For example, after my race, I was able to adjust my feet so it’d target my arches, heels, etc.

    -My feet are a woman’s 7.5, and so, while I’m sure larger-footed folks love the roominess of the massager, I wish there was a version specifically for feet my size! The first time I used it, the roominess bothered me; then, I figured out how to position my feet to make it work best for me (not with my heels all the way back)
    -The heat feature is amazing, but it takes a solid 10 minutes for it to really get toasty. I’ve remedied this by turning it on and letting it run for 10 minutes before I plan on using it.
    -This is nit-picky, but if you want it to run for 30 minutes, a small blue light lights up on the machine. As I’ve incorporated this into my nightly routine, I wish there wasn’t any blue-colored light!

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