American Simple Pure Gray Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest


Item Code W247S00159
Product Type Combo Item
Product Name Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest-Gray
Main Color Gray
Main Material Linen
Product Size 76.4″X30.7″X32.3″
Sub-item 1: W24728297 Package Quantity:  1    30.71 * 22.83 * 13.39 inches  30.86lbs
Sub-item 2: W24728295 Package Quantity:  1    32.28 * 29.92 * 17.64 inches  42.33lbs
Sub-item 3: W24728294 Package Quantity:  1    32.28 * 29.92 * 17.64 inches  42.33lbs
Whether Installation Manual is provided Yes

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American Simple Pure Gray Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest:

1.COMPOSED OF CLASSIC LINES-this sofa is a new design with a touch of style.  A profile almost completely hides the feet, making a sleek overview. Wide armrest and backrest detailing adds a subtly tailored appearance and gently rolled arms add your interest.

2.SOLID WOOD & STURDY STRUCTURE: It is constructed with a solid wood frame. With thickened bottom, the sofa ensures superior steadiness, durability and provides long-term service time.

3.UPGRADED COMFORT: high-density sponge and serpentine spring featuring ultra elasticity bring upgraded comfort to you whether you sit or lie in this relaxing position. Soft linen fabric with good tactility will offer you a comfortable sitting experience.

4.EASY TO CLEAN & ASSEMBLY: Easy-to-clean polyester textured fabric, which just is used damp cloth. Instructions manual and tools are included.

5.PACKAGE: Three packages totally, may arrive separately within a few days. Together with armrests, pillows & cushions hide in the bottom of each seat. Partial assembly within 10 minutes.

Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest-Gray details1 Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest-Gray details2 Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest-Gray details3 Linen Sofa With Wide Armrest-Gray details


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