About the product

Are your products pet-friendly?
Does your furry friend roam your space? Keep in mind that pets and leather don't always go well together. While our top-of-the-line, head-grain leather is extremely durable, our warranty does not cover pet-induced damage to the leather. Even so, it's wise to be cautious about pet-related wear and tear.

Is there any protection for sofas?
In the area of sofas, loveseats, recliners and chairs, we have your back. Our product range features semi-aniline top-grain leather equipped with a protective layer. This resilient outer layer protects against light, scratches, spills and moisture, ensuring that your furniture remains as pristine as possible.

Will it fit in my spot?
To avoid frustration on delivery day, measurements are crucial. Measure the dimensions of your furniture, the size of your living area and the accessibility of your entrance way. This forward thinking ensures that the delivery process runs smoothly and removes any size-related obstacles.

Is my sofa the right height?
Dimensional satisfaction: sofa height, etc.

An unsuitable sofa can lead to buyer's remorse, so measure the dimensions before sealing the deal. Carefully examine the dimensions of the sofa to determine if it fits your figure. We have arranged a series of dimensions in the product narrative. Familiarize yourself with the overall height, depth and seat cushion specifications of your sofa before making a purchase.

Is your furniture made with toxic chemicals?
Rest assured that our careful production process prioritizes your health. From sourcing to material selection, we have complete control over our production. With the exception of a few fabrics, most of our materials are sourced within a 100-mile radius of our location. This approach reduces emissions and fuel use, in line with our commitment to a greener, safer environment.

How do I clean my furniture?
Please follow the instructions on the Care & Clean us website.

General questions

How do you ensure the quality of your products?
As the proud owners of our manufacturing facility, we control every aspect regarding materials and product craftsmanship. Rigorous evaluations and meticulous inspections are incorporated throughout the process to ensure lasting elegance and comfort. From inception to final flourish, our meticulous staff oversees every step of our creations. Each piece, from initial cutting to final packaging and shipping, is scrutinized for quality.

Do you have a store or showroom I can visit?
Our showroom is still being prepared and we are all very excited about it, so please be patient.

Can I request fabric samples?
Absolutely! We actually encourage this. Evaluating fabrics through an online lens can be tricky because nuances of texture and appearance often don't manifest themselves in the virtual realm.3D renderings and screen setups don't play well with capturing the true essence of tactile and visual depth. Selecting fabric swatches is the most prudent way to ensure that the fabrics you choose are perfectly suited to your preferences and lifestyle. When you have access to fabric swatches of a specific item, rest assured that we are happy to provide them free of charge. Expect them to be available for you starting the next business day.

I would like to place larger bulk orders for commercial locations (i.e. offices, restaurants, lobbies, etc.). Is there someone I should contact for help?
Processing commercial orders is part of our daily routine and we are passionate about helping you! Our highly skilled customer service team is well versed in meeting the needs of commercial orders. Each team member can help you with strategy, pricing, styling, and more. Please feel free to contact us via chat, email or phone for in-depth details!

What about my warranty?
We offer a one year warranty on our products, for more detailed information please read our warranty policy.

Payment & Promotions

Do you accept international credit cards?
Yes, we do! Our checkout page accepts most international credit cards (we also accept PayPal).

Where do I enter a promotional code for my order?
At checkout, you can enter a promotional code in the designated field. This only applies to promotions with a specific code. Please note that only one code can be accommodated per transaction and it is not feasible to stack codes with other offers. Our goal is to encourage our customers to take full advantage of the best offers in the game!

Do prices stay the same or change over time?
Often, prices for certain items may change over time due to changes in operating costs, raw material expenses, seasonal inventory needs and other external factors. We constantly monitor market conditions to set fair prices based on actual costs. While our goal is stable long-term pricing, occasional adjustments may be necessary to match supplier costs and maintain business. Rest assured that our pricing team strives to minimize volatility.